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About Origyn

Origyn is a resource for people who want to live more sustainable, conscientious lives.

Let’s face it, we all sometimes feel like the problems facing our world are overwhelming. Sometimes we may even feel as though there’s nothing we can do.

But we believe that through sharing great ideas, spreading practical knowledge and promoting positive solutions, we can incite meaningful change.

That is what Origyn is about. Origyn was started by my wife Laurie and myself as an outlet to share and build on some of the great ideas we’ve been researching about how to live more sustainably, more conscientiously, and to hopefully teach our children the importance of environmental stewardship.

Our background is varied; Laurie has a PhD in Anthropology, I come from a family business in the publishing and conferences space. We have extensive experience in digital marketing and other various skills, but most importantly, we are a family.

It’s very challenging to live sustainably and conscientiously in our society. It’s expensive, it’s cumbersome, and the default is to settle for a linear economy where our habitual process is to consume and waste.

But we feel that recently, out of necessity perhaps, there is a shift towards living a more environmentally-focused existence. After all, there is no Planet B, and we’re well on the way to making this one uninhabitable if we continue on our current path.

So that’s why we started Origyn. We wanted to do something to promote and encourage some of the creative, environmentally conscious solutions out there. Hopefully through this resource we can introduce at least one person to something they hadn’t considered before. Ideally, we’d be able to offer people more hope. The fact is, change, so matter how minor, can have a lasting positive effect.

Break on through,


Kevin Rogers Cobus

Co-Owner; Origyn Group Inc. 

Kevin Rogers Cobus